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    Anti-Corruption Network (ACN)
    "The Anti-Corruption Network (ACN) is one of the OECD regional anti-corruption programmes, which covers the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The ACN brings national governments from above 20 countries from the region together with the OECD governments; it is also open for the civil society and business representatives. International organisations and International Financial Institutions take an active part in the ACN activities, which include regular regional conferences; country reviews and monitoring; and thematic projects on selected priority issues."

    BEN: The Business Ethics Network
    "The Business Ethics Network is a project of Corporate Ethics International and is a network of organizations and community groups that actively campaign for corporate responsibility and against corporate misbehavior."

    Bench Marks: Principles for Global Corporate Responsibility
    The Bench Marks is a comprehensive set of social and environmental criteria and business performance indicators. focuses on the rapidly growing world of social entrepreneurship. It provides solutions and resources needed to help everyone become a changemaker.

    CEBEN-UK: the UK association of the European Business Ethics Network
    EBEN-UK was established in 1994 as the UK association of the European Business Ethics Network. Our purpose is to provide a forum for academics and practitioners to discuss and debate issues to do with business ethics / corporate social responsibility.
    "The primary aim of is to facilitate institutions and researchers in the South to gain access to resources, debates, and contacts through web-based research activities, academic conferences, publishing, and active networking. Furthermore, it particularly wants to give visibility to the perspectives of institutions and researchers emerging from Africa, Latin America and Asia, still highly under-represented in the current debates."

    Global Reporting Initiative
    GRI strives to make reporting on economic, environmental, and social performance by all organizations as routine and comparable as financial reporting.

    Human Rights for Workers: Bulletins on Sweatshops & Child Labour
    The Human Rights for Workers website provides bulletins about sweatshop and child labor. Action Without Borders
    This site provides information about jobs, internships, organizations, and events committed to promoting responsible global development.

    Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility Abroad: The Human Rights and Democracy Perspective
    This organization is part of the U.S. Department of State that promotes dialogue and research on public policy issues of global significance.

    World Business Culture
    This site provides detailed information about business culture, cultural diversity and business communication in 35 countries.